• Welcome to Siam Terrace
  • Welcome to Siam Terrace Welcome to Siam Terrace
  • Our signature dish, Shrimp Pad Thai Our signature dish, Shrimp Pad Thai
  • Spicy Thai-style curry Spicy Thai-style curry
  • Japanese fusion dish Japanese fusion dish
  • Fancy Maki roll Fancy Maki roll
A1. Egg Roll Vegetable or Chicken (2 pcs) 4.50
Clear noodles, minced chicken, and mixed vegetable wrapped in spring roll skin served with sweet and sour sauce.
A2. Summer Roll (2 pcs) 4.50
Fresh assorted veggies wrapped in clear rice paper wrapper served fresh with our signature homemade sauce.
A3. Thai Spicy Sausage (1 pcs) 3.50
Thai spicy sausage served with fresh ginger, fresh chili and peanut.
A4. Carrot and Cabbage Slaw 4.50
Shredded fresh cabbage and carrot in tangy dressing with ground peanuts.
A5. Crab Rangoon (5 pcs) 5.00
Crab meat, celery, cream cheese, and green onion in wonton wrapper served with sweet and sour orange sauce.
A6. Pot Sticker Fried or Steamed (5 pcs) 6.00
Fried vegetable dumpling served with black ginger sauce.
A8. Eggplant Tempura 6.00
Golden crispy deep fried eggplant served with Thai sweet chili sauce.
A9. Fried Tofu 6.00
Firm tofu deep-fried to a golden crisp and served with chef’s sweet and tangy chili sauce.
A10. Thai Fish Cake (4 pieces) 7.00
Minced fish patties mixed with green beans, chili paste, and kaffir lime leaves lightly fried. Served with cucumber sauce and ground peanuts.
A11. Chicken Satay (4 pieces) 8.00
Marinated and grilled chicken on skewers served with Siam Terrace’s favorite peanut sauce and cucumber salad.
A12. Dragon Shrimp (4 pieces) 8.00
Four marinated tiger shrimp wrapped in egg noodles and deep fried served with our special orange sauce.
A13. Steamed Mussels 8.00
Green shell mussels steamed with Thai basil served with house spicy lime sauce.
A14. Chicken Lettuce Wrap 8.00
Seasoned ground chicken, water chestnuts, shitake mushroom, crispy noodles and lettuce leaves
Try our favorite appetizers in one plate: two pieces of Egg Roll, two piece of Summer Roll, and two pieces of Crab Rangoon.
Try our favorite appetizers in one plate; two pieces of Dragon Shrimp, two pieces of Crab Rangoon, two pieces of Pot Sticker, and two pieces of Thai Fish Cake.